I am a talented architect, technical designer, and hands-on developer.  I provide
training, motivation, and leadership to project teams large and small, onshore
and off, and throughout every phase of the deliverable lifecylcle.  

I am an enthusiastic proponent of the loosely-coupled model and the principles of
Event-driven, dynamic SOA (EDA).  I am effective at maximizing the expressiveness of
the JDeveloper 11 environment, the ADF rich component set, and the capabilities of
the Fusion 11 stack in general, while adhering to established Oracle best practices. I
am a US Citizen.

As of late, many of my customers are gravitating to the concept of "run-time
development", utilizing the power of the metadata store (MDS), Oracle Composer, and
the Business Rules engine. This allows analysts the ability to create their own logic
and visuals after enterprise deployment has already been made. As such,
modifications and upgrades can be effected directly, without the need to issue
constant change requests to the development team.
Here is my skill set summary:

Oracle ADF:        
Business Components, Data Controls, Bindings, Page Definitions, Task Flows, Regions, Contextual Events, Layouts, Rich Faces
Components and Data Visualizations, ADS

SOA Suite:        
EDA/EDN, CEP, BPEL, BAM, Human Tasks, Business Rules and DVM, Mediator, Composites, Sensors, Correlation, FMW
Enterprise Manager

Portal, Content  and Document Management (UCM), Spaces, WSRP Portlets, Mashups, Catalogs, Analytics, Composer, ,
Collaboration, Web 2.0 Services, MDS and Run-time Customization/ Personalization


Web Services:        
SaaS/Cloud Computing, SCA, SOAP, REST, JAX-WS, JAXB, UDDI, WSDL, XML/XSD, XSLT/XPath, ESB/ OSB, Governance

JSF, JSPX/JSFF, Controller, Facelets, AJAX, Managed Beans
Greetings! I am a Subject Matter Expert (SME) of the technologies comprising
Oracle Fusion 11 Middleware stack, including Oracle WebCenter, SOA Suite,
the WebLogic/AquaLogic platform, Java Enterprise Edition 6 (EE6), and the
Application Development Framework (ADF)..
Bear Mountain Software
Give me a shout anytime  josh@bearmountainsoftware.com.  I will send over a full
resume. If I am unavailable to take on more work, I can put you in contact with
several other great resources in the Fusion 11 sphere.  Peace and God Bless!